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Welcome to Amon Chiropractic Center P.C.

At Amon Chiropractic Center P.C., we recognize that you have a choice when it comes to your preferred chiropractor. That’s why we want you to be as relaxed and informed as possible about our practice. We put special emphasis on working with each patient as an individual. Each individual has different needs and responds to different types of treatment. We work with the muscles, bones, joints, connective tissue health issues, so that your nervous system will work at it’s optimum and you can enjoy the health you deserve. We’ve created this information-rich website to give you 24/7 access to an array of the most common chiropractic topics. The more you know, the more comfortable we hope you and your family will be with our practice.

This website also contains information about our doctor, location, hours, emergency practices and more. We believe our website is the best way for you to stay connected to our practice and get the highest quality chiropractic support.

On behalf of all the Amon Chiropractic Center P.C., Dr. Amon and staff, we welcome you to our practice and look forward to helping you and your family preserve a lifetime of good health.

Our Specialty

Our practice specializes in treating a variety of conditions, from chronic low back and neck pain to rehabilitation following an accident or injury. We can also provide information about improving your diet, creating a healthier workplace, and increasing the overall quality of your health.

Our Goal

We work hard to make your experience an enjoyable one. We give individualized care and strive to help you reach your goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our greatest joy is to see people feel better and refer their friends and family in to our office.

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"I only have great things to say about the office and staff. They listened to my issue and were able to suggest the best of procedures to me. I’m glad that I’ve made my appointment." Jessie P.
"Everyone was welcoming, accommodating and informative. I was able to see the doctor on my scheduled time slot! Thank you doctor and staff for giving me a warm welcome." Catherine D.
"Experience. Experience. Experience. I value doctors that have the best knowledge and most experience in their field. From my first appointment, I was impressed from the receptionist to the highly skilled doctor. Never has an appointment been disappointing." Howard K.